FAQ: Why ASIC miners are better than GPU for mining?

ASIC Miners are extremely powerful computers designed for mining purpose. Hence the name ASIC that stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit. Despite fast processors, GPUs are still designed for general purpose graphics processing and cannot be as fast as ASIC miners that are exclusively built for mining a specific algorithm.

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Miner.ae is the first portal in UAE dedicated for crypto-mining solutions. We offer end-to-end fully managed crypto-mining solutions for ASIC Mining and GPU Mining from hosting, mining, container, software, hardware, data center, private mining facilities, crypto-trading and consultations. Miner.ae is represented by DeFi Technologies LLC in Dubai, UAE.

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MinerAE facilitates individual and institutional investments on trades in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Escrow services are available through banks in United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States. Transactions shall be handled by renowned Emirati Lawyers, British Lawyers, and American Lawyers based on client preference.

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